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Five Steps To Transform Your Credit Worthiness:
Right now most credit applicants are experiencing major problems when trying to access more credit...

According to recent studies over 79% of credit related data and personal data reported by credit bureaus is inaccurate...

This is due to a multitude of factors...

First, the credit bureaus do not consistently verify much of the data they report on consumers...

Second, most of the info that credit bureaus have on record is from affiliates, subsidiaries, creditors and 100s of private data sellers known as secondary data bureaus...

You would think that the info provided by the consumers themselves to the credit bureaus would quickly clean up the high percentage of inaccurate data shared on credit reports, right? No, consumers are not major contributors!

If you're like most consumers, you've recently noticed a dramatic decrease in your credit approvals...

This is because trusted sources of consumer data from private data bureaus ie. the affiliates & subsidiaries of the credit bureaus typically share out dated info on consumers...

Most creditors have relied on the info that was listed on the applicant’s credit reports in the past, and in recent years have switched more to secondary data bureaus...

But a recent seminar hosted December 10th 2019 by The Federal Trade Commission and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) highlighted the issues related to the inaccuracy of both traditional credit reports and secondary data

This means that thousands of credit application denials for new credit can be virtually attributed to inaccurate data reported by credit bureaus and secondary data bureaus...

Also, to add insult to injury the credit bureaus and the data bureaus are slow to update the inaccurate data even after the consumers bring the errors to their attention. I'm sure you have experienced this too...

But, despite these set-backs of countless credit denials experienced across the financial industry, some credit savvy consumers are obtaining more access to credit approvals than ever, while spending less time fighting to get their credit reports corrected...

No matter how inaccurate your credit information is now, and no matter how many times you have been denied credit, you can potentially access more credit approvals...using the little known but effective techniques I'll be showing you in this document...

Imagine what your six (6) credit reports and one hundred (100) data bureau reports would look like if you could update all of them in about 14 days...

That’s exactly what happened for me when I followed this simple 5 step process...

And I'm not the only one doing this. Did you know that thousands if not millions of people are disputing inaccurate info on their credit reports every day?

And did you know that the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) website shows a dramatic influx in complaints related to errors on credit reports and data bureau reports?

That’s right. 

According to the FTC and CFPB workshop there is an uptick in the effects of inaccuracies on both traditional credit reports and employment and tenant background screening data bureau reports...

The people that this is affecting the most are not even aware of the non- traditional data bureau reports and how it is negatively impacting their credit worthiness...

What would your credit worthiness look like if you were able to quickly update the erroneous data reported by these companies...

Here are five (5) ways you can start doing it immediately:

Step 1: PIU / FCFD / Security Freeze / First 48 Data Bureaus Update & Freeze

Step 2: Education on Credit Report and Data Bureau Report Repair

Step 3: 52 Additional Data Bureau Updates and Freezes

Step 4: Credit Rebuilding and Credit Management Education

Step 5: Repeat Process As Needed

So that's the steps... 

Now, as you read these five steps and envision your self-doing them, let me ask you a question...

What do you think your credit or credit worthiness would look like if you actually did all this stuff? 

Do you want to find out?

Would you like me to give you a plan to potentially increase your access to more credit approvals for FREE?

I've set aside some time to personally design an advanced "Credit Acquisition, Credit Building and Data Bureau Suppression  Blueprint" for you, FREE.

I'll begin by listening to you. I'll find out what your challenges are.

What your financial or credit related goals are. 

And what you want to accomplish. And then I'll design a custom action plan to get you there.

I'll do this by reviewing your current credit reports and data reports. Analyzing your credit history. 

Reviewing the areas that can be improved. And mapping out for you your steps to begin the rebuilding process.

This way you can begin to get more credit approvals without having to waste unnecessary time figuring this all out by yourself.

And then I give you a complete custom blueprint showing exactly how to quickly get the inaccuracies in your credit bureau and data bureau reports corrected, updated or deleted for FREE.

You might be wondering why would I do this for you, FREE. Well it's something that I cannot do for everyone and nor can I do it indefinitely because my time is limited.

But for a select group that act now before my calendar gets full I will even give a bonus cheat sheet of the five data bureaus that you must have updated first and the six credit bureaus you must update along with them, FREE.

Just Click Here to Schedule Your Advanced  "Credit Acquisition, Credit Building and Data Bureau Suppression Blueprint" with the two  Bonus Gifts Now Before This Offer Expires.

Will this really work for you? If you are asking yourself that question right now you are smart.

And I'll tell you something most creative  finance analyst wont: "There's no such thing as a "one size fits all" blueprint.

Here's why: Your credit and financial goals are different.

You have your own unique challenges, your own unique situation, your own unique timelines and your own unique needs.

So anybody that tries to blindly tell you that "this is gonna work great!" without taking time to really understand exactly your situation and needs is either just trying to make a sale or blindly naive.

And that's why we're going to review your specific situation and give you a custom creative finance blueprint, FREE.

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